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Direct Mail

Write a professional direct mail letter and begin raising money for your club immediately. 

Examine some of the direct mail letters below, written by the leaders of conservative clubs at their campus.

Sample Direct Mail Fundraising Letters

Conservative Women’s Group
Network of Enlightened Women
Arizona State University, Arizona

Conservative Group
Westmont College Conservatives
Westmont College, California

Conservative Newspaper
The Florida Frontier
Florida University, Florida

Pro-Life Group
Notre Dame Right to Life
Notre Dame, Indiana

Traditional Values Group
New Sexual Revolution
Arizona State University, Arizona

Activism Guides

Reverse Affirmative Action Bakesale
Many people are familiar with Affirmative Action Bakesales; selling baked goods cheaper to minorities and charging more to white students.  But how about a Reverse Affirmative Action bakesale; charging minorities and women more and giving discounts to white males?  Interested in trying this?  Click for details.

Sample Press Release

Want to gain positive press for your club.  Curious as to why leftist events are always covered by the local media but yours rarely are?  Create a buzz around your club by creating and sending out press releases.  Learn how to write a professional press release below.

Sample Press Release

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